Naturopathic Medicine

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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine | Greenman Health Shoppe-Dr. Brent Mathieu - Boise, ID

Using natural health methods and substances, naturopathic medicine is used for disease and illness prevention and treatment. It uses the body’s vital energy, which helps guide bodily processes, such as reproduction, metabolism, adaptation, and growth. It recognizes the self-healing process in individuals and acts to identify and remove any obstacles that are in the way of healing and recovery.

I am a naturopathic physician who seeks to identify the underlying causes of illness and acts to remove them. I acknowledge each individual’s self-healing process and avoid the harmful suppression of symptoms using naturopathic medicine. I use my life coach skills to improve upon the overall health of each individual.

Naturopathic medicine covers many aspects of overall health practices, including:

• Physical Health
• Mental Health
• Emotional Health
• Spiritual Health
• Environmental Health
• Social Health
• Genetic Health
• Cardiovascular
• Metabolic Syndrome

Naturopathic medicine minimizes the risks of those sometimes deadly, harmful side effects of conventional medicines. This holistic approach maintains the philosophy that nature is your body’s most effective healer. These natural, nutritional medicines blend herbs, minerals, and vitamins that your body welcomes as the healing process begins.

Naturopathy and the use of naturopathic medicine focus on natural remedies and your body’s vital ability to heal and maintain itself. Educate yourself in natural healthcare by calling to make your appointment at the Greenman Health Shoppe in Boise, ID.

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